This story starts out with us buying a food truck for our own company. After contacting multiple builders and designers we realized that this industry was missing our personal touch. Food Truck Builders Group has developed a fully integrated system of building and designing trucks from the ground up.


Most food truck builders are not aware of codes or requirements for different states and or towns. Our standard truck includes all of the items needed to operate a food truck safely. We include items like an on board LP sensor, fire extinguishers, fire suppression system, quilted stainless steel walls, shelving,  and dual fuel generators. We fully inspect the Workhorse P42 truck we build, and deliver it ready for state inspection.


We are not a company that offers the tail light warranty. We offer a full 365 day warranty on all of our work. 

Food Truck Builders Group will customize any type of truck, size, shape, height. If you wanted a truck with a giant lobster Claw integrated into the back of the truck? We can do that! Extra storage, roll out shelves, or a third door? We can do that also.


We can handle all aspects of the build such as the electrical, plumbing, gas, suspension upgrades, and kitchen equipment. We are your one stop call for customized food trucks.


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